Opulent Design: Is it To Your Taste?

The dictionary defines opulence as “wealth, riches, or affluence” and “abundance, as of resources or goods; plenty”. Another definition added “luxuriousness” to the mix. Opulent design is indicative of a luxury lifestyle, of high class and high quality. It certainly aims to spare no expense, or at least give the impression that no expense was spared. What does opulence look like in design? Do you wish your surroundings were more, or less, opulent? Here are some photos to give you an idea.

Opulent Details

Outdoor opulent design
Bloom Chairs Setting

Opulent details on furniture might include characteristics such as pleating, tufting, etc. In other words, opulence in furnishings includes anything that makes something that is naturally or traditionally flat (e.g., fabric) look fancier and more ornate. The pleating effect on these Kenneth Cobonpue bloom chairs are an excellent example of opulence.

Opulent Metallics

krieder metalic kitchen design

Luxury often associates itself with metallic shininess. Metals tend to lend visual oomph wherever they’re incorporated into design. This embossed metal hood surround, for example, certainly stands out from the norm and reflects a sense of affluence. This one detail alone brings a sense of opulence to the entire beautiful-yet-unremarkable kitchen space.

neo metro white steel bathroom

This neo metro white steel bathroom is another excellent visual representation of the inherent opulence factor of metallic detailing.

Opulent Oversized

Interum chandelier opulent design

When an item is larger than one might expect, it tends to read as more opulent than the same item of a more expected size. This chandelier exemplifies opulence in this way – visually, it’s large, but it’s also, contradictorily, fragile-feeling. This kind of design juxtaposition is unique and refreshing.

Opulent Framing.

Opulent gold framing bedroom

An ornate gilded frame around a piece of art seems to automatically lend presence to the piece itself. That concept carries through into opulent decorating of any sort – if you frame something out (such as a beautiful velvety tufted headboard) in a chunky, decorative way, it lends substance and credibility to the thing. Note the accompanying textiles and gold-trimmed nightstands lend a dose of positive persuasion to the opulent factor here as well.

Opulent Glam

Opulent Glamourous

Gold-trimmed, metallic-sheened, and tufted-leathered are three descriptions that, in and of themselves, would bring to mind an opulent space. When combined, however, the effect is amplified and totally luxuriously glam.

Opulent Subtlety

ellis side table-Opulent Subtlety

While some people might associate opulence with being over-the-top or in-your-face in most design uses, this isn’t necessarily the case. With its close connection to affluence and plenty, opulence in design is as richly subtle and sophisticated as can be. This gorgeous Ellis side table, designed by Khouri Guzman, exemplifies this concept perfectly with subtle details that exude inherent luxury.

Opulent Statement Wall

eye-popping geometric pattern

Confidence to showcase the things you love – even an entire wall decked out in an eye-popping geometric pattern – is a big part of opulent design. It’s powerfully visual and certainly not for everyone, but a statement wall like this reeks of opulence.

Opulent Spaciousness.

Teuco Accademia white with gold accents

This classy Teuco Academia bathroom simply drips with opulence, as the viewer has no doubt that its owner reeks of wealth and taste. With its gold-rimmed freestanding bathtub, tufted white leather club chair, and large area rug (not to mention the glass shower, chandelier, and chunky framed mirror), this gorgeously relaxing bathroom-slash-seating area emits luxury, ease, and plenty of time for the finer things in life.

Opulent Unexpected

Opulent Unexpected

Although I’m sure many variations do, in fact, exist, a toilet is pretty standard fare and most people know what to expect when they open up the lid to use one. Which makes this particular neo metro gold toilet a perfect candidate to showcase unexpected opulence…even if on a very private, individual basis.

Opulent Lifestyle.

Self contained sauna

Any sauna is certainly on the luxurious end of home components, to be sure, but this beautiful self-contained sauna takes even that concept to an opulent-opulence level. The luxurious lifestyle is merged with a gorgeous, contemporary design piece, and the end result is stunning.