How To Decorate Your Home With Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are sometimes used to decorate the house on special occasions like Thanksgiving or Halloween but they can look lovely all year round. You don’t need an excuse to use them in your home décor. Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate fruits and vegetables in custom décor elements for your home throughout the year.

Display them in clear containers.

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You can group the fruits and vegetables according to size or color. Display them in transparent glass containers and mix and match them according to the criteria you’ve selected. For example, red apples and pomegranates can look nice together.

Use a variety of clear containers. They can feature various shapes and sizes to make your displays more interesting. And try keep things simple. A few fresh lemons in a small-sized cylindrical container would look lovely by themselves.

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If you decide to mix or combine your fruits and vegetables, make sure to place the bigger ones at the bottom of the container and the smaller ones on top. Those with soft textures and those that risk of being squished should always stay at the top no matter what.

Framed wall art.

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You don’t necessarily have to use fresh fruits or vegetables to include them in your home’s décor. Try framed wall art for example. Display a couple of oversized images of fruits in your kitchen or dining area for a themed look.

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This type of wall art can also look lovely in a home office. It would add a fresh vibe to the space. You can display the framed art above your desk for example.

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It can also be fun to display cute images of fruits or vegetables in the nursery room. They can be displayed in a funny or cute way and they can also be aducative at some point.{found on christiazevedo}.

As natural décor accents.

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Put a bunch of fresh apples or some other fruits in a bowl and display them on the dining table. A simple and fresh centerpiece. You can pair your display with some fresh flowers in a jar or vase.

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Make a garland to display around your fireplace and use fresh items like oranges, lemons, leaves and other similar things. It can be a nice décor element for occasions such as Thanksgiving but also for a typical day.{found on tobifairley}.

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Add a little bit of freshness to your kitchen. You can display a few fresh lemons in a tray or bowl as well as some cute yellow flowers by their side. Yellow is a cheerful color which would look excellent in here.

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Of course, you can always use fruits and vegetables as décor elements in the kitchen. Make a nice, organic mix for the kitchen island or for the counters. Everyone can take what they want and serve as a snack and you can replace the missing pieces when you have the chance.

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Make a beautiful display for the kitchen island by grouping fruits according to color. You can put lemons in a bunch, limes or green apples and also some red apples in a basket.

Natural décor for the backyard.

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All these beautiful fruits grow in trees and those too can be used as décor elements for the backyard for example. Plant lemon trees or apple trees in your yard and take advantage of the stunning and vibrant colors the fruit display throughout the year.{found on amslandscapedesign}.

Persimmon trees backyardView in gallery

These persimmon trees are simply wonderful. The way they reach to each other to form an arch for the pathway is so lovely. You can get your trees to do this too.{found on arterrasf}.

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Plant a few fruit trees along the fence for an interesting visual effect. You can also decorate the rest of the yard with trees or even with vegetables if you want a fresh garden.{found on utopialandscapedesign}.