How to decorate your fireplace mantle?

Fireplaces used to be very useful , but now they are more decorative than functional. However, many houses still have fireplaces with mantles above them, especially in big houses, as this looks very well. And most of the times you don’t really know how to use these mantles and what to place there in order to look good.Here are a few tips that will help you decorate the mantle in a pleasant way.

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First of all when decorating the mantle you should be informed if the fireplace still works or not. Because if it does and you still light fires there it can be a bit dangerous to place something on the mantle, especially something made of wood or paper or some other inflammable materials.

One of the most important rules when placing something above or on the mantle is never to use objects that are larger than it. That is because it looks really bad and does not respect proportions. For example if you hang a painting right above the mantle just make sure it is maximum two thirds of it in width if you want it to be perfect.

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Of course the perfect decorations are those that you use for Christmas or Halloween when you can hang red stockings and put pumpkins on or nice wreaths made of evergreen and holly. But you can use them only several weeks a year. For the rest you must use your imagination and rely on your taste.

Some other useful advice is to make “clusters” or groups if the decorations are small in comparison with the mantle, for example three candle holders, three ceramic figurines and it would be even better if you purchased some ornaments that have different sizes and arrange them from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa.

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The mantle is also a very good place for small frames with the photos of the loved ones or for vases with flowers. You can use your imagination and for example bring some little dry branches from the garden and spray them with golden or silver and just arrange them in a ceramic pot.

Any way, the most important advice is to choose the mantle decorations so as to match the color of the walls, the surrounding and the whole room, to look like it belongs there and not to be out of the picture. Do not choose very conspicuous ornaments and try the simple ones, as they are usually the best.

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