How To Decorate Your Baby’s Gender Neutral Nursery

Bringing a new life into the world is always a joyous event and decorating your newborn’s room can be even more exciting. There used to be a time that a pink or blue room would be obvious and deciding on color themed rooms was not a challenge. Today, with all of the beautiful neutral combinations of colors and patterns, gender neutral nurseries are more popular than ever. They enable the parents to design with creativity instead of worrying about what gender the baby will be. Whether you need ideas for yourself or you want ideas for a soon-to-be arrival of a friend, look at these nursery ideas that are sure to inspire.

neutral baby nursery
Add pops of color and patterns with textiles

Choose colors that inspire you:

 While every new parent would like to believe that their newborn will adore and admire the color palette in the room, the parents and adult family members should love it first. Today, there are dozens of gender neutral palettes to choose from. Starting with walls that are yellow, creamy gray such as mushroom, green or even orange have been some of the most noted nursery colors in recent years. Parents are drawn to colors that are soothing, but still provide a beautiful contrast when paired with darker colors that are striking and design-worthy. Opt for a color palette that you love first, and your baby will love it as they grow with age.

grey yellow gender neutral nursery
Create a focal point with an accent wall

Choose a bold pattern focal point: 

Similar to other rooms in your home the nursery is one of those spaces that could use focal point, and what better place than an accent wall behind your baby’s crib or changing table? Look at the orientation of the room and determine where the eyes fall first. If you have a lot of windows in the nursery consider using bold patterns on the ceilings in high contrast or darker colors to absorb too much light from windows and to add visual appeal. Bright colors can be inspiring for little ones and especially patterns and textures such as stripes, polka dots, and chevron stripes can instantly create a whimsical appeal that every nursery should have.

gender neutral yellow black
Create an inspiring gender neutral nursery
neutral green nursery
Bold patterned window treatments make this gender neutral nursery perfect

Use decor to add punches of color and inspiration:

Who says you can’t mix patterned textiles and bright colors in a nursery? If you lean more on the wow factor side to an inspiring gender neutral nursery, how about using small punches of color in pillows, window treatments and area rugs? Textiles are often forgotten about in nurseries and are the most versatile component to the room. For rooms that share a girl and a boy, why not use opposite contrasting colors and a unifying color such as chocolate brown to unify both sexes? Baby pink and brown and baby blue and brown would be the perfect example. Gender neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Add a playful wall decal for a nursery that will inspire for years to come.

gender neutral nursery boy girl
Shared nursery with welcoming colors for both girl and boy

There used to be a time when knowing the gender of the baby before they arrived was the only way to plan for a nursery. Today, parents aren’t worrying about gender and are concentrating on design and what feels welcoming and happy for their little one(s). Use these tips to create the ultimate gender neutral nursery that will feel at home to anyone who calls the room home.

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