How to Decorate With Vintage Style

Even if we are living in the century of speed and modernism is at its peek, more are and more people are willing to live back in the golden days. In a more simpler way, people have started to adopt the vintage style.

Yes, adopting the vintage style was quite in trend some time ago. But now, it has gained more power than ever.

The ones who are looking forward to adopting the vintage style are also the ones who are looking forward to decorating their houses in the same style. Though, even if decorating with vintage style might be easy, in order to get the proper style people will have to keep in mind some rules of the vintage style.

First of all, when it comes to vintage, most of the people misplace this style with the Shabby Chic style. Though, even if they might appear to have some things in common, the reality is that they are different style with different trends.


The most representative element for the vintage style is definitely the vintage kitchen. A kitchen decorated in such a style should definitely have rug beaters, milk bottles, butter molds, vintage salt and pepper shakers, candy jars and many more. And if you have ever seen a movie from the ’80, then you must have seen that large washboard from every kitchen. Therefore, the vintage washboard is definitely an accessory you might not want to miss for your vintage kitchen.


As for the rest of the house, one thing must be kept in mind: fabrics are “numero uno” when it comes to vintage style. Therefore, try to add more fabrics to your rooms, and the effect will be guaranteed. If you have a fireplace in one of your rooms –usually, it’s the living room – then a wooden box full of splints and pine cones are definitely mandatory. And, even if they are quite rare nowadays, try to search for those wooden matches, whom length was about 1 feet. They will suit perfect the vintage style from the living room, as well as they can be really useful, even if they might be a little bit more expensive then the others.

Next, try to insert in different places of your house vintage stuff like umbrella racks, antique glass jars, pictures with flowers and, if possible of course, vintage toys. These accessories will get the vintage style from your house at its peek, and also, they will look extremely good.

The above ideas should be enough in order to get the vintage style you have wanted. Though, if you have any other ideas that might suit your house, go for them and see if they fit your house.