How To Decorate With Pastels: 4 Easy Tips

Relaxed and whimsical. Mellow and light. Free and pretty. Romantic and sophisticated. These are all words that describe a room decorated in a mix of passionate and soft pastels. From canary yellows to pearly pinks, pastels can create an entire ambiance, fit for a queen, king or even the kiddos. Besides, pastels are making huge strides in fashion and on the uphill slope in terms of a trends, so it’s a great time to try some out and see if you’d like them around the house. Let’s see how we can utilize some of these gorgeous colors while keeping them super stylish and versatile.

1. Decorate with complimentary colors.

Pastel living roomView in gallery

Pastel living room1View in gallery

If you decide to paint the walls a baby blue or pale lavender, make sure you use complimentary colors to accessorize the rooms. Darker shades of the pastel works great for curtains, bedding or any linen .. it will create a pop and foundation for the lighter hue. Then use those complimenting tones to create the room. Pops of emerald green in a lavender room or mustard yellows in something painted baby blue. It’s a great way to utilize a pastel color without creating something that looks like a nursery or overly feminine.

2. Incorporate patterns.

Floral pastel wallpaper1View in gallery

Floral pastel wallpaperView in gallery

Jazz a room up by using and incorporating different pastel patterns. The designs will make the lighter tones more sophisticated and age-appropriate while still maintaining that relaxed, laid-back feel. Use polka-dots and stripes (my personal favorite combination) or even a mix of different floral patterns in the bathroom. And on top of those mixed patterns, mix up the pastel shades too for some fun, ethereal vibes.

3. Create a theme.

Victorian bedroom designView in gallery

Use pastels to enhance a theme. Victorian rooms looks great with powdery pinks paired with golds and creams. Rustic kitchens look great with light blue hues paired with browns and silver. And a more eclectic home office looks great sprinkled in mint greens and pearly whites. If you decided on a genre for your room, whatever it may be, use these lighter colors to highlight its style instead of decorating around a certain pastel shade.

4. Clean things up.

Living pastel designView in gallery

Clean bedroom pastel colorView in gallery

Table designView in gallery

Between small accessories and the clean, crisp colors, pastels can easily clean up even the most dullest rooms in the house. The study, the staircase and even your own personal bathroom are all places that a bit of pastel can spruce up. With a fresh coat of a paint or several throw pillows these light and airy colors can easily add pizazz and fashion to any boring room. Even some soft, fresh flowers that carry these shades will do the trick!