How to Decorate with Green, White and Black?

Black and White are classic colours and never fail to look great together. Whether it is clothes, utensils or the colour theme for your home decor, these colours have a classical appeal that adds instant sophistication, depth and character to any home. There are many ways in which you can combine these colours for the dramatic look it creates and throw in some other colours for accentuation and freshness. Green is an ideal colour, which when paired with black and white, creates a wonderfully fresh, modern and energetic environment instantly.

Green black white

To start with, focus on a mostly black and white theme and keep green to a minimum to create a desired effect. If the room is large, like a living room, you can opt for black granite flooring with beautiful white borders to create an instantly glamorous look. If that is too much black for you, opt for black and white patterned flooring with more white. This makes the room look larger and adds black as the element of interest.

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You can then add pale, ivory walls for more elegance and choose dark or black frames for your paintings to contrast beautifully with the walls behind. Also, curtains that are black velvet can create a dramatic look. To finish them off, tie them up with citrus green curtain ties to add green as the accentuation colour.

Living room design decor idea green room centre table

To add more green, use a beautiful ceramic flower vase or a piece of fine art in citrus green on the centre table to introduce this colour to this decor theme in a more bold way. The furniture can be dark, against the almost white flooring to create a beautiful contrast. For those who don’t like all their furniture to be black or a very dark mahogany, you can introduce one piece of furniture in stark black to create a sophisticated accent element, without going overboard.

Colorful and Charming Modern Bathroom Design2

In bathrooms and powder rooms, you can use black flooring with white wall tiles. Create an elegant setting by making the bathroom counter in stark black granite and install a shining ivory sink in a beautiful design in the centre. Keep all sanitary fittings like Water closet and bathtub in white to contrast beautifully with the black of the floor. To add glamour and accentuation, choose green bathroom accessories like a ceramic lime green toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and towel set. The green against the black and white will create a more modern vide for the space. Hence, decorating with green, black and white is simple and can easily be done by anyone with a little creativity.