How to Decorate With Black, White & Yellow?

Black and Yellow look wonderful together. Not only does yellow infuse any home decor scheme with warmth, the black keeps it from looking too sunny and the mixture of the two colours can be eclectic and comforting. Add a hint of white for some freshness and to make the colours mingle together to soothe the senses.

Black White Furniture in Yellow Living Room

A home decorated with Black, White and Yellow can be quite warm, comfortable as well as cosy, making anyone who enters through your door feel welcomed. However, yellow and black together can be quite disastrous if any one of the colour overpowers the colour theme of your decor. Make sure you use your creativity and imagination to use these colours in an interesting blend to create bright, vibrant, happy spaces.

Yellow and black office decor ideas

Try and add white to the furniture. A comfortable couch in white leather or upholstery can add instant glamour to any room. If that is too much for you to maintain, add a white rocking chair or cane chair with a beautiful yellow cushion on it. It will add an element of interest to the furniture layout, even if the remaining furniture is in wooden brown tones.

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To introduce a hint of black, you can have a white and black printed rug to add this accentuation colour in to the decor theme. Set against the yellow of the walls, this rug will bring out the other colours and also create a small focal point in the otherwise stark white flooring.

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You can even use white and black animal print cushions for your couches and love seat. Add black in a classy and understated way by using wrought iron lighting fixtures on your yellow wall. If you do not like wrought iron, you can buy a piece of art or a beautiful sculpture in black to create the main focal point of the decor. Find the most ideal place to keep it, depending on the size of the sculpture.