How To Design A Kitchen With Oak Cabinetry

There’s something really beautiful and elegant about oak kitchen cabinets. Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re associated with traditional designs and this gives them a classic charm or maybe it’s their versatility. It could also be their ability to add warmth to the kitchen and transform it into a comfortable and welcoming space. Whatever the case is, wood cabinetry is more complex than it may seem.

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If you like the warmth that wood offers to the kitchen, don’t stop at wooden cabinetry. The floor and even the ceiling can share similar characteristics. This could work a rustic house or one with a traditional design and a pitched roof.

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A rustic kitchen with oak cabinetry can be enhanced by the ambient lighting. This way you can take this opportunity to add a few modern or industrial features in the design and maybe make the modern appliances blend in more easily.

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A classic kitchen design can use wood cabinetry in various elegant ways. For example, complement them with granite countertops to highlight the traditional appeal of the room. Also, think about cabinets with glass fronts.

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The finish on the cabinets is important when determining the style you want for the kitchen. This is a fumed finish on white oak and it looks really beautiful. The open grain and knots make each piece unique. The granite countertop adds a timeless appeal.

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The lighting in the kitchen can be subtle but also task-oriented. This way the oak cabinetry can gain a beautiful golden glow. To avoid making the space feel cramped with furniture, mix and match different types of cabinets. Try open shelves on one side and closed cabinets on the other.

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Play with a warm color palette and with different shades of stain. For example, the floor, if it’s wood, can have a light finish white the cabinetry can be stained dark to contrast with the beige walls. Even if you opt for a dark stain the wood will still show off its beautiful grain.

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On the other hand, a lighter, honey-like stain on your oak cabinetry can make the kitchen seem brighter and more spacious. This color works great here in this modern kitchen. It even gives the space a bit of Asian flair.

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Oak kitchen cabinets are also excellent for creating eclectic designs. Combine them with various different materials and finishes to get the desired look. For example, mix in some metallic elements, maybe a marble countertop or backsplash.