How To Decorate And Personalize A Rental Apartment

When you’re renting, it’s difficult to make that space feel like home. You’re limited when it comes to changing things related to interior design and décor. Before you make any changes, you should check with the landlord to see what exactly you’re allowed to do and what not.

An accent wall.

Traditional rug

If the landlord says it’s ok you can create an accent wall. You should choose a bold color, one that contrasts with the rest of the room. This accent wall will become the focal point of the room. It’s a nice way of giving the apartment a makeover without painting all the walls.

An eye-catching lighting fixture.

Traditional rug

When you want to make a change into a rental apartment, consider things you’ll be able to take with you when you move out. For example, you could buy a new chandelier or an accent pendant lamp. It will definitely change the atmosphere in the room and when you move out you can take it with you can put the old one back instead.

Framed photos.

Traditional rug

A great way of personalizing a space is by using framed photos. You can display these on the walls, on the table, desk or on the mantel if you have a fireplace. You can use different sizes and colors for the frames for a more interesting visual effect.

Wall decals.

Traditional rug

If you’re not allowed to paint the wall in your rental apartment you can just use wall decals. They are a great way of changing the décor and adding style to a room. You can even create a themed décor with the help of the decals. And when you move out all you have to do is remove them.

An accent rug.

Traditional rug

Rugs are among some of the most common accent pieces used in interior décor. A rug can be a great focal point in a room. You can choose a rug with an interesting shape, texture or color and you can opt for eye-catching patterns and combinations of colors. This is also a great idea because you can take the rug with you when you change homes.

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