How To Decorate Your Home Using The Old World Style

The Old World style is little known and not very popular, especially when compared with other examples such as the modern, industrial or even the Scandinavian styles. Despite that, this is a style with lots of character. The fact it’s a bit more obscure makes it that more interesting.

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This style is characterized by a comfortable look that shows the wear and tear but that, at the same time, perfectly balances comfort and formality. Such interiors are always elegant and inviting, the rooms are grand but welcoming and the accessories are particularly eye-catching.

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A few key elements that characterize the style include textured walls which are often used in order to enhance the aesthetic features of a room and distressed finishes which are intentionally used and contrast with the highly polished and reflective surfaces often used in modern and contemporary interior design.

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The colors used in an Old World style décor include deep, rich and regal tones. But even though the colors are strong, they are always muted. Very bold tones or neon colors are never a part of such a décor. The preferred shades include burgundy, navy, forest green, ocher and cream.

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The style is always known for its use of patterns. Oversized floral patterns or striped, small prints are often used in combination with heavy, intricate textures.

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The accent elements and focal points in an Old World style interior design come in the form of woven tapestries, wrought iron railings and features and ceramic decorations.

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This is a unique style, inspired by the design conventions in the 16th and 17th century Europe and from the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Italy as well as the countryside of France.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 14, 2010

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