How to decorate a young woman’s bedroom

We’ve recently posted an article with tips for decorating a woman’s bedroom. It was a more general post without any specific details about any different types. Here we are with another post, this time about a young woman’s bedroom. Since the word “young” is in this case the second most important, let’s focus on some specific tips for this particular category.

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A young woman’s bedroom should be fresh and cheerful. It should reflect her age as well as her character, just like her cloths do. This means it shouldn’t look like an old person’s home but neither like a little girl’s room. A balance needs to be found ebtween these extreme situations. Let’s start with the color. The walls should have a happy color. This way the whole room will be cheerful.

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Usually, young women tend to choose colors such as pink, lavender or light blue. These are all pastel colors with a fairy feel. Still, some women prefer something a little more vibrant and intense. In this case,a nice color choice would be green. It’s a very fresh color and it doesn;’t have to look pale if you opt for a less pastel version. Now that the walls are fresh and beautiful, let’s discuss the furniture.

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The furniture in a young woman’s bedroom should be contemporary. Also, because the room needs to be airy, small-sized furniture would be a good idea. This way a casual look can be created while also being considerate to the spacial needs of the user. In order to solve the storage problem, multi-functional drawers, open shelves and unusual storage units or chests are all great ideas.

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For the rest of the bedroom decor, it all depends on the woman’s personality. For example, there are several options: contemporary wall art, sculptures, DIY wall accessories, etc. In all cases, the colors should be fresh and vibrant. In conclusion, the key words that you need to keep in mind are fresh, modern and personal.{pictures found on:1,2,3 and 4}.