How to Decorate a Space Themed Bedroom for Your Kid

When your kids grow up and go to school, they will discover the world outside the planet Earth and they will simply be fascinated by space. That happens somewhere around the age of five, but it can vary from child to child and can last for a few years. During this time your kids will do everything in their power to persuade you to arrange a space themed bedroom for them. The idea scares you at first , but once you get used to it and analyze things objectively you will realize it’s not so difficult to do that.

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First of all, once you decide to arrange the kids bedroom in a space themed design, you must start purchasing all the things for the kids only with this design: space, planets, stars, spaceships and all the other patterns that are linked to space and the Universe. You will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of things for kids that fit this theme. For example you can buy a lamp with all the planets hanging below it like in the above picture. Or maybe you can arrange the TV set or the bookcase inside a nice looking rocket shaped storing space made of cardboard or plywood.

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If you are good at painting things you can try to draw the shapes of some planets and comets on the walls and you can share the joy with your kids when you paint them together. If you lack this skill , then it would be easier to purchase some sticker planets and place then on the ceiling and wall, paint the wall in blue and maybe buy some stars and a Moon that glow in the night.

Make the room perfect by getting some similar bed sheets and a rug with planets and stars, even a curtain with space patterns. You just need some imagination to combine all of them and also the pleasure to do this for your child or children. Have fun together!

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