How to decorate a small space

When you have a small home, it’s often difficult to find a way to include everything you need and still have enough free space to feel comfortable and to have an airy room. You need to find new and clever storage solutions and to divide and decorate your home functionally but without sacrificing style. We can offer you a few tips for that.

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A great trick for creating the impression of a larger space and of adding depth to your home is to use mirrors. They are both functional and stylish and they make wonderful decorations. But rather than using many small mirrors it would be better to use one large mirror. Find a beautiful frame that you like and use it. The mirror can either be integrate in the furniture, used as a tabletop, over a mantle, leaned on the floor or hanged on the wall. Also, a very clever tip is to place your mirror across from the window so that it would reflect the image seen from there and create the impression of having more windows than your room actually has.

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Then there’s the problem with furniture. Just because you have a small home doesn’t mean you should use small furniture. When you put large furniture in a small space it actually makes that space look larger. This way your home will also look more airy. To maintain than open look in your small home you can also opt for armless chairs.

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The windows should remain clear. You could use shades, shutters or blinds. Fabric curtains are very beautiful but they take a lot of space so they are not what a small home should have.

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The color palette you use in the house is also important. Light colors will make the rooms feel larger and more airy while dark colors have the opposite effect. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create color contrasts.{picture sources:1,2,3, and 4}.