How to Decorate a Living Room in An Apartment?

Decorating the rooms of an apartment is known to be really difficult due to premium space. The living room, in particular, is known to pose a tough challenge. Needless to be mentioned but the living room is one such portion of the apartment where we live in everyday. This is the room which creates the first impression on the guests and where the family gets together.  It is truly an extension of one’s personality.

Pick a style.

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Picking a style you like and decorating the room with the theme is the easiest and effective ways to start about. There are dozens of steke you may focus on. Any color, character, pattern, designs or styles such as contemporary, classic, rustic, traditional or modern may be selected.

Limited furniture pieces.

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large pieces of furniture in the living room can overdo the room and rob it of its main theme, thus, it is vital to introduce limited pieces of small furniture in the living room. Tall cabinets, low lying coffee tables and simple seating solutions such as couches or low lying sofas would do the needful. In addition, also ensure to arrange the furniture pieces appropriately such that they accent the room and do not block the traffic flow of the room.


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The furnishings of the living room should be soft, elegant and yet impressive. Invest in rich self designed fabrics instead of embellished ones. Pick nice curtains for the windows as they attract a lot of attention.

Wall decoration.

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Walls offer plenty of space for decoration even where footage is extremely less. Besides using paint, wallpaper, textures and pattern to decorate the walls, you may also employ picture frames, posters, open shelves and miscellaneous hanging items.  However, keep it mind not to overdo the decoration.