Three Inspiring Before And After Bedroom Renovations On A Budget

There’s no need to break the bank in order to renovate your bedroom, make it more inviting, relaxing and stylish. The trick is knowing what changes to make and how to focus on the details that can have a big impact on the overall look of your bedroom. These three before and afters are perfect examples.

Bedroom turns chinoiserie safari chic1View in gallery

Bedroom turns chinoiserie safari chicView in gallery

Bedroom black walls revealView in gallery

Bedroom black walls reveal1View in gallery

Bedroom black walls reveal2View in gallery

Bedroom black walls reveal nightstandView in gallery

This bedroom went from cluttered and outdated to chic and elegant and, what’s particularly interesting in this case is the change of color. Before, the walls were painted a mustard shade. In the after pictures they’re black. That’s a big change and, as you can see, the room actually looks more spacious now, a surprising twist. A few other changes include a gorgeous chandelier, a new headboard, new lamps and those beautiful golden accents that soften the black décor. All of these elements were quite cheap so this was a budget-friendly makeover.{found on chezviviv}.

Beachy bedroom afterView in gallery

Master bedroom beforeView in gallery

Master bedroom before and afterView in gallery

Part of renovating a master bedroom should be getting rid of all the clutter and simplifying the décor. In this case, that meant repositioning the bed closer to the window, removing the unnecessary equipment, adding a fresh coat of paint and an elegant trim to the walls and windows and crafting a new headboard. A bench with storage underneath was placed in front of the window, the curtains were replaced and the walls were redecorated.{found on honeybearlane}.

Sarah bedroom before and after1View in gallery

Sarah bedroom before and afterView in gallery

A change of color is sometimes all a room needs to look glamorous and beautiful. In this case, the bedroom went from messy to stylish in no time. The blue walls became grey, not the most cheerful color but one that definitely suits the space better. It makes the whole room look more grown up and the pops of color and the black and white combinations really enhance the overall beauty of the whole design. As you can see, no big investments were made and it all came out wonderful.{found on athomewiththebarkers}.