How to decorate a beach house

A beach house is a refreshing retreat, a place where you can relax, have fun but also enjoy stunning views of the sea or the ocean. But in order to do all that, the interior décor is critical. It needs to be light, airy, fresh but also flexible and versatile so that it allows for both relaxation and entertainment to take place. Each area of the beach house needs to be carefully decorated. We’re going to use as example this beautiful beach house from Massachusetts

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This lovely vacation home is very bright and airy and this is critical for any beach house. Let’s take each area and see how exactly it’s been decorated. We’re going to start with the family room. Given the fact that this is a beach house where families and friends go together, this room needs to be spacious and very comfortable and inviting.

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It’s the place where everyone will be spending time together so it needs to be cozy but also simple. In this case we have an open floor plan with white walls, large windows, neutral chairs, a melon-colored coffee table and a faux-coral table lamp. The color contrast is delicate and with a beautiful impact.

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The breakfast nook is also a very important area. It’s the place where you can have your breakfast while also admiring the beautiful views of the sea and the space that you’ll see in the morning and where you’ll basically start your day so it needs to be impeccable. Here we have a casual approach with a braided rag rug, blue and yellow chairs and a white table. The views for this particular area are very important.

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The kitchen in a beach house tends to be less important than the one at home because nobody wants to spend half of the day in kitchen preparing meals when there’s so much to see outside. The kitchen needs to be simple, clean and spacious. In this case we have a vintage-style kitchen with green furniture and white walls. Perhaps that a contrast color would also be a nice addition.

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The master bedroom needs to be, first of all, relaxing and calm. Here we have a perfect décor with pale green walls, large widows with sea views, a double bed with colorful pillows and nightstands matching the bedding.

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And, of course, a beach house is not complete without a patio. There’s no need for much furniture here. Some armchairs or lounge chairs and a table are enough. It would be smart to choose something colorful like in this case. Here we have a series of colorful wooden chairs in tones of red, blue and yellow that integrate beautifully into the whole image.{found on countryliving}.