How To Decorate A Bar

A bar is definitely a desirable feature for a home and not that difficult to include in the design either. You just need to find the perfect place for it. Usually, the bar is an extension of the kitchen island and is used to visually separate the kitchen from the living space. But other types of designs can also be a great fit for your home.

Great lighting ideas.

Old bottles bar chandelier lightingView in gallery

It would be interesting for a bar to feature a hanging chandelier made of recycled liquor bottles. It’s something you can create yourself. Use bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors for a more interesting visual effect.

Paint-dipped bar stools.

Paint dipped bar stoolView in gallery

Give your bar stools a glamorous and customized look using paint. Get some gold spray paint and some tape and get to work. Spray paint the seat and the bottom portions of the stool’s legs.{found on honeybearlane}.

A custom counter top.

Surfboard countertop barView in gallery

If you want something different for your bar, something that represents you, then a custom counter top could be it. For example, turn a surf board into a counter. Pretty simple and quite ingenious.

Decorate with pennies.

Penny countertop craft jobView in gallery

You’ll need a lot of pennies for this project so you better start saving. Basically the whole idea is to cover the counter with lots of copper pennies. You’ll have to glue them one by one so it will take a while.

Small space bar alternatives.

White wall shelving barView in gallery

You can still have a bar even if there’s not a lot of space to work with. Create a small wet bar on the wall. You just need a few shelves and a wine rack.

Coffee corner.

Coffee shop corner barView in gallery

It’s important to start the day on the right foot and coffee is pretty much all you can think about at this point. It would help to have a little corner dedicated to coffee, where you can get everything done without even moving.

Chalkboard design.

Chalkboard home bar designView in gallery

The versatility of chalkboard paint makes the ideal choice for a variety of projects and designs, including this one. Give your home bar a casual and personalized look.{found on thriftydecorchick}.

Industrial accents.

Spanish restaurant bar designView in gallery

Industrial style suits a bar quite well. There’s something about it that gives it a rough and masculine vibe without necessarily sacrificing elegance or glamor. Consider some pipe shelves or bar stools with an industrial design.

A pallet bar.

Wood pallets barView in gallery

Don’t have a bar? No worries. You can make one using just a few wooden pallets. Putting them together is easy and the great thing is that you can customize the design however you want and include shelves or even a wine rack.

Repurposed barrel.

Wine barrel turned into a barView in gallery

If you want your home bar to be interesting and to have that masculine, man cave look, then you can repurpose a wooden barrel. Carve a portion at the center and make a door and inside install a shelf for two for the glasses and bottles.