How to Creatively Display Dinnerware in your Home

Remember the days when dinnerware used to be stored behind closed cabinetry doors and were only taken out when it was time to eat? Today, dishes are being used for more than just eating; in fact the design trend of using dinnerware becoming part of your interior decor is very popular. In fact, some homeowners are buying dishes just for their walls, open shelves and curio cabinets for the purpose of displaying them beautifully in their dining room or kitchen. If you are trying to add some visual interest to your interiors, try these creative dinnerware display ideas.

display dinnerware natural colors
Dinnerware in a beautiful wall collage

Choosing the perfect dishes for display:

Decide which room you would like to display your dishes and look at the color palette of the existing furnishings, decor, cabinetry and other color influences such as fabrics and other dishes that exist. Choose dishes that will be a focal point with high contrasting colors and patterns or if you prefer the dishes to blend in with the surroundings, choose neutral tones. Also look at varying sizes, shapes and variety of dishes. If you are choosing a wall collage you will want to choose dishes that share a common geometric shape theme or a similar color palette to make your ‘gallery’ of dishes complete a beautiful composition on your wall.

display dinnerware blue red
Choose dishes that coordinate with your interiors

Cabinetry or shelving, which to choose:

Deciding between cabinetry and open shelves can be a challenge and should be thought through carefully. While both are beautiful – open shelves mean your dinnerware will be on display all the time and neatness and cleanliness of the dishes such as dusting regularly will be important. Open cabinetry or glass door cabinets could be another option if you prefer the light airiness of the display but you prefer a less formality in your display. There are many variations of each type of display. Look at your kitchen or dining room wall and decide what will work best.

display dinnerware cabinetry green
Display dinnerware in glass cabinetry
display dinnerware cabinetry
Consider using cabinets with lighting to display your dinnerware

Your dinnerware on stage:

 Dinnerware can be stars of their own, needing no other artwork or pictures to upstage their performance on your wall or shelves. If you have vintage or antique dishes passed down through generations of your family, display them proudly in a beautiful display.  Many homeowners like to shop antique shops and garage sales to find colorful dinnerware finds just for displaying in that perfect location in their kitchen. Another great option is to play off of the colors of the adjacent tile and cabinetry in your kitchen. Coordinating dinnerware, glassware, and mixing with small decorative pieces and cookbooks will make your interiors even more welcoming!

display dinnerware collections
Showcase your dinnerware in a beautiful display of their own

Creating a display focal point in your dining room or kitchen with dinnerware is such a fun and useful way of giving your dishes a multifunctional purpose. Whether you reserve them only for a collage on the wall or your display gets used everyday at your favorite meals, love your decision in choosing to share your dinnerware with guests and family. While you may think your dishes are just for eating off of, you just found some new ways to make them warm your walls elegantly.

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