How to Create Magnificent Mosaic

Mosaic has moved from pitter-pattering into one’s décor to being injected in larger amounts. The result? Something trendy and colorful, plus an easy way to revamp your décor. Here are some great ways to use mosaic in your home.

The (Mosaic) Art is on the Wall.

Mosaic feel
Beautiful Mosaic is Truly an Art

Mosaic does not have to remain limited to consisting of lines or blocks of color. Intriguing, pretty patterns and pictures can be created with mosaic. It really depends on your imagination – or that of your interior designer!

Mosaic art design
Swirls of Mosaic Create a Whimsical Pattern

The beauty of mosaic as an art feature in a room is that it becomes the center of attention and can be combined with smaller bursts of mosaic around the room.

Catch Your Reflection.

Metalic mosaic tiles
Modern Mosaic Mirrors are Super Trendy

Mosaic mirrors add a very crisp and modern touch to a room. Just using a small panel of such mosaic tiles can become an eye-catching corner. This is especially great if your décor is bland as a wall panel of mirror mosaic can make it much more interesting.

Water Wonders.

Water wonders
Glass Mosaic is Perfect in the Bathroom

The beauty about glass mosaic tiles is that they have a shiny appearance which can be almost liquid-like. This is perfect in the bathroom, but can be used in other rooms. The bonus of using glass mosaic is that it helps to make a space look larger due to its reflective nature.

Mosaic on the Ceiling.

Mosaic design bathroom
Look up to Mosaic

Your mosaic does not have to be on the floor or walls – decorate your ceiling in mosaic tiles for a spectacular take on décor. This makes a space much more elegant and fashionable. Plus, a few tiny mosaic trimmings elsewhere in the room that match the ceiling’s design create accord.

Mosaic wall for bedroom
Mosaic Tiles in a Bedroom for Instant Glamour

Mosaic does not need to be reserved for the bathroom or outdoors. All the rooms in your home can benefit from a touch of mosaic. For instance, a panel of mosaic tiles in the bedroom can be very artistic.

Mosaic or Wallpaper?


Traditional bathroom mosaic tiles
The Wallpaper Effect

If you’re not a big fan of using wallpaper in your home, then mosaic can be adapted to look like wallpaper. This is a more subtle way of using mosaic and it’s very versatile.

Outdoor Mosaic.

Outdoor mosaic
Creative Materials in Mosaic Design

Mosaic does not only have to consist of tiles – a mosaic rug for use in the outdoors can be created out of pebbles! This is a beautiful and very creative way to revamp one’s patio.

Mosaic swiming pool shape
Mosaic: The Swimming Pool Staple

The indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi is a popular and classic area in which to use mosaic. Choosing a patterned mosaic design for the bottom of the pool makes it look like the water is shimmering constantly. It also adds trendiness and color to an otherwise bland blue pool.

Geometric Patterns.

Geometric patterns
Mosaic as Bolder Décor

More structured and symmetrical mosaic tiles can infuse trendiness and sometimes a more masculine feeling to a space. Basically, use mosaic to blend in with the look you’re going for and don’t be afraid to think out the box!

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