How to create a vintage décor

Even though we live in a modern world where everything is in continuous change, sometimes it’s nice to get away from all that and to go to your comfort zone. Sometimes this means a vintage home where you can feel comfortable not influenced by the outside world. Creating a vintage décor seems natural and easy but it can also be restricting.

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A vintage décor is often characterized by original and unique details. They can be anything from a personal collection of objects to a vintage piece of wall art. It’s easy to recognize a vintage item when you see it. You can create a collection of such items and display it in a corner of your home. The mix will be eclectic but it will reflect your personality.

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Another simple way of creating a vintage interior décor is by using wall art. Again, you can create a mix of your favorite photos or art pieces and display them on one of the walls. Even though they will be all different, it would be best to connect them by using the same type of frame.

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There are no distinctive rules for each room of the house. Each space can be turned into a cozy vintage area. The kitchen could benefit from some lovely chairs, maybe something salvaged or remodeled and the hardware can be a nice vintage touch. The dining room could be decorated with some lovely wing chairs and a simple black table. For the living room, all the ideas related to decorations that we’ve presented by now are available.

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A great way of introducing some vintage accents into the house is by improvising when it comes to finding storage solutions. A vintage armoire would be lovely for the bedroom or dining room and a series of baskets of cases can be a great choice as well. Usually, hand-crafted pieces can make a huge difference in a home. Another very versatile idea that will help you turn any space, even the laundry room, into a vintage piece of heaven is to use wallpaper, preferably something traditional.{picture sources:1&2,3,4 and 5}.