How To Create A Tropical Patio in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you live right on the beach or near mountains covered with snow, creating a tropical patio is possible and can be a fun, relaxing experience. And that’s what it’s supposed to be in the end! A tropical patio can be your home away from home, your own private sanctuary. It’ll act as a little vacation away from your everyday life. So, let’s start brainstorming and planning together. Take a look at these wonderful patios and our quick and easy steps to creating your tropical escape.

1. Pick out your favorite bright color.

Modern patio design11

And use it. Oranges and yellows. Hot pink and lime greens. And turquoise too, which is my favorite! Bright colors scream summer and tropical flavor. So dress your chairs, table and wicker couches in beautiful, bold shades. Even if you just add a hint of color,make sure it’s a lively, vivacious variety! Pink a color combination and go for it. Even if they’re not necessarily complimentary colors, tropical colors don’t have to compliment they just have to bring a smile to your face.

2. Use lighter furniture pieces.

Modern patio design11

There’s nothing tropical about a bunch of bulk. Leave out the large, woven furniture pieces or heavy wood pieces. Use light wicker, distressed wood or even minimalistic wire pieces as your foundation. You can even use actual beach chairs in your decor! Have fun with it but leave the chunky stuff out.

3. Simulate flowing water.

Modern patio design11

What better way to relax than with the sound of rolling waters? Take your vision over the top with a waterfall simulator or fountain. Use it as a centerpiece or a small, side decor. The most important part of this decision is what it will do to the ambiance of your space. It’ll freshen, liven and bring positive energy to your patio.

4. Line the space with …

Modern patio design11

Tiki torches, large shells, stones or a mixture of all three! Create texture and variety around the patio that is reminiscent of a day in the islands. Plus, the tiki torches can double of warm, inviting light at night! And imagine how romantic this could be for you and better half!

5. Sprinkle some tropical plants around.

Modern patio design11

Grab some lucky bamboo, lush palm trees or even exotic orchids to complete the look. These fresh, organic plants will help to enhance your theme and enhance the feel of the space. If you want it to look feel like a tropical escape then you should definitely add some native pieces to the puzzle.