How To Bring Romanticism Into The Bedroom Through Canopy Beds

There’s no doubt about the fact that canopy beds can make any space look romantic, regardless of the style and the surrounding décor. Whether the bed has curtains or not, the effect is pretty much the same. And despite the fact that canopy beds feature a very specific type of design, they’re really versatile and can adapt to a variety of decors and environments.

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The champagne-colored drapes create a really nice backdrop for all the white elements, especially combined with all the soft, tufted accent furniture. The canopy bed stands out with its dark frame but the curtains soften the look and bring the whole décor together beautifully.

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This is another great example that canopy beds look especially beautiful in a neutral, warm décor. This bedroom has an exotic look with all the teak accents and the soft lighting. Love the satin curtains and the way they envelop the room. The white canopy cover grounds the space and offers the bedroom a casual look.

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In this case, the canopy is attached to the ceiling. It’s not the most practical décor solution, given the fact that it pretty much means the bed will always remain in that particular spot, but it definitely looks elegant. The cozy nook next to the bed makes the room feel even cozier.

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The sheer draperies were attached to the canopy bed frame with string ties. They casually touch the floor forming folds. The bedding and canopy drapes match the window treatments, an interesting way of giving the room a cohesive look.

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Canopy railings can be attached to the ceiling and this way you can transform a regular bed into a canopy bed. An ingenious and simple way of bringing romanticism into the room. For a modern vibe, include a few bold-colored accent details which can come in the form of throw pillows or even wall treatments.

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Go for an all-white décor with wood accents to make a small bedroom feel more spacious and open. The canopy bed can be the focal point of the room. You can tie the curtains to the frame or the posters to keep the room looking clean and simple.

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Choose to let the bed frame show through the canopy curtains. You can play with colors, contrasts, materials and finishes and create some really interesting combinations. Notice how the bed is the only element that feature white accents.