How To Create A Modern, Vintage Bedroom

Mixing modern and vintage is an eclectic, funky style that has the ability to represent a lot of personal tastes. We love it and today, we’re showing you how to create a bedroom with this trending, fashion-forward way of decorating. The goal when creating a modern, vintage bedroom is the find the right balance of accents and colors that fit both genres well. Let’s take a look at some real life examples and hopefully you’ll pick up some pointers and inspiration!

1. The Foundation.

Decor bed

When it comes to big furniture pieces, try sticking with modern styles and cuts. This will make it easier to change up, lessen or enhance the vintage, old-age pizazz you’ll be sprinkling around the room. You can really jazz the space with bedding, but if you buy a Victorian-inspired bed, then no amount of sheets and pillows will turn it into a chic, modern piece. Start clean.

2. Accent in Old.

Dog armchair

Mentioned previously, you should accent in old flair. Of course you can mix some modern pieces into the bunch, but since we suggest starting with a contemporary foundation, then it’s easy to mix up and mold to your own personal tastes by accessorizing with lots of vintage pieces.

3. Stick to your colors.

Cat bedroom

We’re all for mixing patterns and prints, monochromatics and metallics, but don’t use every color of the rainbow. You’re already creating a mash up of the senses so make sure you find a conclusive piece of the puzzle somewhere and we think it should be in your choice of colors. Whether it’s five main shades or just two, pick your favs and don’t stray.

4. Re-purpose & Re-use.

Night stand chair

The best way to really find your modern, vintage find is to create it yourself. Whether it’s a old slipper chair or side table, if you find yourself out thrifting and stumble across a piece with great structure and bones, don’t be shy! Snatch it up and get to work. A small, vintage nightstand can easy be mixed with modern style by adding contemporary knobs and a nice coat of red paint. Or a modern chair can easily be mixed with vintage style with a coat of blush paint and a bit of distressing with some sandpaper!

5. Pick a theme.

Yellow theme

68874 vintage bedroom r x 1

DP Huitt Asian Bedroom s4x3 lg

You’ve chosen the style of vintage, modern fashion, but choose a theme could help even more! Rustic, shabby-chic, retro, funky, eclectic or artfully full, there are so many different routes you can take and explore with. Choose what inspires you and have loads of fun creating!