How to create a Light and Airy Living Room?

How do we make our living room light and airy? This is one of the most common questions posted to the interior designers by the homeowners. This is because, people are always in an attempt to create their home a place of haven where they can relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day of work.

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A light and airy living room is not an impossible task that’s hard to achieve. It can be achieved easily. All it requires is to think out of the box and employ your creativity. In addition, you need to give utmost consideration to each and every element of the interiors as every element is known to play a significant role in the ultimate look.

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Start off with the floor as it is always easy to move upwards. Needless to be mentioned but a light and airy living room simply relates to white flooring. If you get any white flooring installed, then there cannot be anything better than this. On the other hand, if you find wooden flooring appealing, then choose the flooring in a light brown color so that it does not appear heavy.

If you are employing area rugs in the room then avoid choosing area rugs featuring heavy and busy patterns. The excellent selection for creating a light and airy environment would be to select area rugs in white color any other solid pastel shade. Braided area rugs in pastel and light colors also make a good selection.

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Moving upward from the floor, the furniture pieces should be dressed in light fabrics. Consider using furniture pieces done in light denims and pure cotton, instead of heavy leather, silk or microfiber. If you already have the furniture pieces done in heavy material, you may consider covering them with cotton slipcovers.

Similar to the furniture, the window coverings also have to be in light materials. Consider introducing flowy sheer or cotton draperies and bamboo shades hanged from a sleek and simple curtain rod instead of a heavy detailed curtain rod.

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Lastly, ensure to have your walls dressed in light pastel colors. Pastel colors always make an excellent choice as they easily blend with other colors in the room. On the other hand, if you are using wallpapers, then select wallpaper with a light base color and few big patterns.