Design Tips For an Organized Closet Space

Maintaining a closet organized is hard work, especially when you’re not exactly the type that likes to have a special place for everything. The design of the closet has a lot to do with this and there are strategies you can use to help you improve your storage efficiency.

Closet Organizer for Him
Closet Organizer for Him1

For example, it would be very useful to have separate storage containers and hooks for your hats, socks, gloves as well as for all your belts and ties. You could have a portion from a wall dedicated to this or you could use the inside of the closet doors.

Hanging Closet Label Organizers

Ever thought to organize your clothes by weekdays? That would surely seem like fun for some. The strategy is, however, more useful when you’re trying to teach kids how to be organized and how to dress by themselves. Add printable to the hangers to organize everything accordingly. {found on makelifelovely}.

Scarf hanger

For your scarf collection, you can adapt a hanger. The idea is pretty simple and quite ingenious. We found the project on sparkandchemistry. The required supplies include 10 shower curtain hooks, a pants hanger, some acrylic paint, tape, glue and a sponge brush. You’ll have to glue the hooks to the underside of the hanger forming a sort of triangle-shaped structure.

Simple closet hangers

The circular shower curtain hooks used for the previous project are not the only type you can come across. There’s also this kind of hooks which can also be used in a practical way in DIY projects such as the one on thechicsite. You can use the hooks to make an accessory organizer. You’ll also need some fabric strips (from a pair of old jeans for example) and a hole punch.

Dipped closet hangers

Sometimes the key to being organized has to do with the little things that give you pleasure such as the fact that your clothes hangers look cute and you enjoy looking at them. You can make sure of that by giving them a simple makeover. You can take each hanger and dip it in acrylic paint. Use different colors to create a storage system for your clothes. {found on sugarandcloth}.

Hangign copper pipe clothing rack

Instead of hiding all your clothes in a large closet, behind closed doors, another option is to opt for open storage in which case a simple clothing rack is all you need. You can build it yourself using copper pipes and fittings. Check out abeautifulmess for the list of supplies and useful tips on how to complete the project.

Shoe rack organizer

A very practical accessories every closet needs is a shoe rack. Such a feature would also fit nicely at the entryway. There are several different types of shoe racks you can choose from. An interesting idea, for example, is to build one out of cardboard. You can find all the information you need on this project on apieceofrainbow.

Wire grid shoe storage

Another option is a grid shoe rack which would be great for shoes with heels. You can make it out of wire mesh and you can customize it in a variety of ways. For example, spray painting the mesh would be an option if you want the rack to match the room. Keep in mind that using this option would mean your shoes would be on display. {found on burkatron}.

Jewelry organizer with wire

For the little things like necklaces and earrings, you can make an organizer out of some chicken wire, a frame, some gold spray paint, some S hooks and a staple gun. The project is quite simple. First you spray paint the chicken wire and the hooks. Then you staple it to the frame and trim the ends with wire cutters. Hang the frame on the wall and add the hooks. {found on inspiredbythis}.