How to create a focal point for your interior décor

Regardless of the size of a room or the style you have chosen for the interior décor, any room should have a focal point. If you don’t put the effort into creating one, it will appear by itself. It will be the thing that everyone sees when entering a room and it’s best to be something beautiful. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Sofa focal pointView in gallery

Before deciding what the focal point should be, take a look at the room and see what it has to offer. You might have to rearrange the furniture or you might be lucky enough to already have a focal point that, with a little improvement, could become even better. If you decide that the sofa should be your focal point, it would be best to place it on the longest wall of the room. If you also add a mirror or a picture above it all the eyes will be immediately drawn by that area.

Corner sofa pictureView in gallery

If you like the idea of the sofa being the focal point but you don’t want it to be placed directly against the wall, you can create a lounge corner. For a more dramatic effect you can add a painted screen behind the sofa and maybe also a statue in front of the screen.

Fireplace focal pointView in gallery

Those who have a fireplace don’t even have to bother finding a focal point. The fireplace is a very beautiful piece that instantly becomes the star in a room. To reinforce this idea, you can also place an art piece above it, hanging on the wall.

Picture instead headboardView in gallery

Up to this point, these were all ideas for the living room. But the bedroom needs a focal point as well so let’s see what can be done about that. Usually, the bed is unavoidably the focal point in the bedroom. Since this is the situation, you might as well make it a beautiful focal point. For example, you can opt for an eye-catching headboard or maybe for a large painting to hang above the bed. We also have an article that shows how to decorate a bedroom without using a headboard that you can check out.

Dining room wall pictureView in gallery

For the dining room, it would be best to avoid making the dining table the focal point. You can do that by shifting the attention towards a wall. You can use a large painting or a series of framed mirrors or even a sideboard.

Collection focal pointView in gallery

An idea that works for all the rooms is to use a collection as a focal point. If you like to collect things, display them and make them the stars of your room. If you have more than one collection you can create two or more focal points.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,and 6}.