How to create a floor-to-ceiling TV entertainment center

Some people don’t really like putting holes in their walls either because they’re afraid they’re not going to be able to cover them after that or because they’re not allowed to do it. This piece is the result of exactly one of those situations.

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The owner of this apartment needed a way to mount the TV somewhere but the apartment complex had strict rules about that. This is an entertainment center that was created without putting a single hole in the wall, ceiling or floor. The materials used to create it include a Broder shelving system and some Lack wall shelves.

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First two Broder posts were used with the height extension post and foot attachment on each foot. They were then plumbed and connected using two clothes rails. A piece of plywood was cut and placed between the posts. The plywood has been stained black and holes have been drilled so that the plywood could be mounted to the clothes rails. The mount for the TV is bolted to the piece of plywood. Then the wall shelves were used to add some more storage or display space. All the media components fit on the shelves and the cables are all in the back. This creative entertainment center is both durable and pretty good-looking. It’s not the ideal thing but it’s perfect for this apartment.{found on ikeahackers}