How To “Cozy” Up the Home For the Holidays in 5 Easy Ways

Winter is here. When it’s colder outside we have a tendency to want to cuddle on the couch and watch a lot of Lifetime movies. We want to spend time baking cookies for all of our coworkers and friends. We want to get all of Christmas wrapping done ahead of time, even though that never ever happens. It’s the time of year to enjoy the coziness that surrounds us and that means we need to make our home just as cozy as the holidays make us feel. So grab a cup of hot cup of cocoa (with a little peppermint stick) and see how you can cozy up the home for the holidays!

1. Keep it candlelit.

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Candles are romantic and whimsy, but they also create a cozy, warm ambiance. So, it’s time to buy some fresh tea lights and holiday-scented candles to sprinkle about the house. From the mantle to the dining room table, a little candle can make quite of difference in terms of the atmosphere it helps to enhance.

2. Cuddle up with throws.

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Get out your most beautiful throws and drape them over the couches. Even when you’re not using them to cuddle on the couch during your favorite Christmas movie, they’ll create a warm, cozy look to each piece of furniture in the living room and the bedroom. And if you don’t have something pretty, go on the hunt for a unique tapestry, thrifted quilt or even just over-sized fluffy blanket from Target.

3. Books in different places.

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There’s nothing cozier than a classic bedtime story. Get all the best Christmas storybooks out and stack them on the coffee table, beside the TV or on the bay window seat. It’s playful, it’s fun and adds interest to a bare corner. Besides, when the kiddos need to be entertained or your littlest family members come over, they’ll have something to entertain themselves with!

4. Holiday mugs.

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Hot chocolate, peppermint mochas and maybe even a warm cup of tea … those can make almost anyone feel cozy and at home. And during the holidays you can find some of the most adorable mugs around. Instead of hiding them in the cupboards, find a fun way to display them. On hooks, on a cake stand or lined up in the glass-framed China cabinet, the cutest mugs can make the best home decor!

5. Background music.

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Decorating is all about the senses. And just because you can see it doesn’t make it any less of the home’s decor. Put a little holiday music on and flowing the the house. It adds to the warm and fuzzies you and your house guests will feel as they spend the evening at your home.