How to cleverly save space in the kitchen

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large and spacious kitchen. However, those who don’t still have the possibility of deceiving the eye and creating the impression of a much larger space with the resources they have. Small kitchens don’t necessarily need to be cramped and busy. There are ways of making them just as airy and functional as any other kitchen.

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Mirrored backsplash.

First, there are the classical tricks such as using white for the walls and ceiling and mirrors as decorations. For example, a mirrored backsplash can completely change the décor of your kitchen.

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Open space kitchen.

Also, there’s the possibility of creating an open floor plan that would include the kitchen and the dining/living room. This way there are no boundaries between these spaces and the kitchen doesn’t seem as small as before. Instead of designing the kitchen horizontally, maybe you should try a vertical approach. You can use suspended cabinets that be placed on the walls. They provide you with the storage space you need and they take no floor space at all.

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 Choose Chairs Without Arms.

In order to keep your small kitchen airy and fresh, you need to keep everything organized. You can do that by including things such as spice racks or additional shelves into the décor. They will help you keep everything organized and the kitchen will seem bigger.

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Open shelves.

Also, you should opt for minimalist piece of furniture. Try to eliminate any unnecessary details. For example, opt for armless chairs. Another trick for making your kitchen seem large is to match the color of the furniture with the color of the walls. You can also opt for convertible pieces of furniture that help you save space when needed.{picture sources:1&2,3,4 and 5}.