How to clean your home so as to get rid of mites

House mites are very small microorganisms that live in the dust. And you can find plenty of dust in every home. And since many children and people nowadays are allergic to dust mites, you’d better clean your home so as to get rid of these mites. Here are a few tips that can help you eliminate the house dust and this way the mites, too.Usually the dust so the mites hide in pillows, carpets, sofa cushions, heavy curtains and even bed sheets. So these are the ones you should clean first and change regularly.

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– The first step when cleaning your house is to open the windows widely and let the air come it for at least half an hour every day, even in winter. This takes the stale air out and also the dust when you are vacuuming with the windows open.

– Then vacuum every day because this way you take the dust out of the carpets.

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– It’s a very good idea to take your rugs and carpets to the dry cleaners every few months. In the meantime use a brush and some water with some carpet detergents to clean the surface every week.

– Change the bed sheets once a week and wash them at high temperatures. This kills all the germs and mites.

– Always keep your clothes inside wardrobes because this way they are away of dust. If you just leave them on the chair they will be covered in a thin layer of dust in no time.

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– Wash the fluffy toys regularly and also the sofa cushions.

– Use non allergenic pillows because the pillows stuffed with feathers are the perfect environment for mites.

– Mites love a hot and humid environment, so do the opposite and keep your house dry and cool, with a constant temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.

– Wash the curtains regularly and try to keep your house clean and I can assure you this way you will keep dust mites away from your house.