How to clean an LCD tv?

LCD televisions have gained extreme popularity, and more and more people now prefer installing LCD televisions over the typical box type television. Besides assisting to free up desk space, LCD televisions also consume less electricity and are easy on the eyes too. However, like the other things of our homes, LCD televisions are also known to attract dust and dirt. Smudges, lint particles, ink markings and finger prints can destroy the beauty and function of the televisions. Henceforth, cleaning of a LCD TV is very important.

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Cleaning of an LCD TV has to be done very carefully. Employing the wrong kind of cloth and placing too much of pressure can scratch the screen and in severe cases, also burn off the pixels. So, the question which now emerges is how to clean an LCD TV?

Soft Cloth – the easiest, quickest and the most effective ways to clean an LCD TV is to employ a soft cloth. Try to find the softest cloth you can find, and gently wipe the display with it without putting any pressure at all. Paper towels may seem soft, but they can cause severe permanent marks on the display. Soft cloth designed for cleaning an LCD TV can also be found in the market easily.

Cleaner – Cleaners can also be used effectively to clean LCD televisions. However, you should ensure to only use cleaners designed specifically for cleaning LCD televisions. As general household cleaners are known to contain ammonia, the display panel is sure to be damaged. The LCD TV cleaner is made of distilled water and little alcohol. If you do not want to purchase a LCD cleaner, you may try to use a little bit of water on the display panel to see if the build ups is getting removed. Alternatively, you may also add few drops of isopropyl alcohol to water to remove the grease builds caused from finger prints.

Can of air – A can of air can also be used to blow out the accumulated dust particles from inside the television. However, you must ensure to never use any other probe besides can of air. The right way to use can of air is to hold it one inch away from the vent and blow out the collected debris.