How To Determine The Right Lampshade Size For A Lamp

The lampshade is usually the most important element in a lamp, even through it’s mostly a decorative feature nowadays. So how do you even pick the right type of lampshade. What is the right size in case you want to replace it or make it yourself? Determining the right size is a tricky process which depends on a number of factors.

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Well, it’s believed that the diameter of the lampshade should not exceed the height of the base. However, there are exceptions which defy this rule but those only work because of some very specific reasons so don’t try to be bold unless you actually know what you’re doing.

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It’s usually better to go bigger rather than smaller when choosing a lampshade. If the lampshade is too small, then the lamp will look weird and probably not at all appealing.

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But let’s talk specifics. To determine the right size for the lampshade, measure the lamp base and multiply that number by two. The widest part of the shade should be at least a half-inch wider than the widest part of the base on each side.

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The height of the shade should not exceed the height of the lamp plus ½” and should not the smaller than the height of the lamp minus ½”. If the lampshade has any tassels or fringes, those are not included in the measurement.

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When determining the size of the lampshade, keep in mind that the overall design and the shape are also important. So try to imagine how it would look like with various sizes before picking the one you like best.

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Also, color is important as well. Dark colors tend to emphasize the shape of the lampshade as well as its size while lighter color blur out these elements.

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The size and the shape of the shade are also related to the function of the lamp and its location. If you want to use it on the nightstand next to the bed, pick a smaller and narrower shade to avoid accidents. If it’s a large floor lamp you have in mind, then it’s ok to make a statement with a big shade.