How To Choose The Right Crib And Change Table For My Baby?

When it comes to designing of a nursery, most of the parents bubble over decorative ideas for the room. While decorating the room is essential, choosing the right crib and change table should be given a top priority as this is where the child will spend a majority of his young life.Cribs are available in a wide range of style and colors. The different types of cribs you may choose betwwen are – canopy cribs, round cribs, portable cribs, convertible cribs, and standard cribs.

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Ensure that the crib you select meet the safety standards. There should not be any gap between frame and the mattress, and the bars should not be apart than 2-2.5 inches.A crib with railers should always be preferred as it allows you to pick up the baby easily. Another important factor to be considered is the mattress.

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The mattress of the crib should be tight fitting and firm, and should not pull away from the corner posts.As there are a lot of diaper changes in the early years of a child, selection of a right change table is also very crucial.

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Try looking for change tables that are made of solid wood, and feature metal supports for extra safety. Ensure that the changing table has attached a guard rail and sturdy straps preventing the baby from rolling off.Other construction elements to check for are no rough edges and no exposed nails.

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For your own safety, ensure that the change table is of the right height so that you do not strain your back while changing the diapers.Also consider storage facilities of the table. Many change tables feature drawers and shelves and make it easy to store diapers, clothing, and more.Lastly, ensure that the change table features a non toxic finish.{all pics from houseofturquoise}.