How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For Your House?

When it comes to the selection of the right coffee table for your home, there is a process of ascertaining the needs and screening the options that cannot be escaped. Coffee tables are an important piece of furniture. Besides being functional, they are known to play a significant role in the overall décor theme of the room.


Coffee tables types

Living room metalic coffee table

First of all, select the location where you wish to place the coffee table. This shall simplify the process of selection of the right coffee table. For instance, a coffee table placed in the children’s room should be modern and serve as a desk also. On the other hand, coffee table placed in the living room should complement the décor.


Beautiful wood coffee tables by Huelsta 1

Secondly, you need to select the style of the coffee table you would like to go with. The style should be selected in accordance to the style prevalent in the room and the style followed by other furniture pieces.  If you wish to go with traditional style, select coffee tables crafted from veneer, hardwood solid, wood, or brass.  On the other hand, contemporary coffee tables are the one crafted from stone, leather, metal or glass.


Rustic living room

The size of the coffee table matters a lot. Generally, the standard height of the coffee tables is between sixteen to eighteen inches. Another rule is that the coffee table should be the same height as that the seating or one or two inches lower.


Round coffee table

The shape of the coffee table dictates the look to be created. Possibilities of shape include round, oval, square or rectangle. Round and oval coffee table is perfect for scattered or sectional seating. On the other hand, square or rectangle coffee tables are ideal for L shape seating. Irregular shaped coffee table is also quite popular.


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Once the shape is decided, you need to decide the color you would like to go with. The color should be picked in alliance with the seating, other furniture in the room, and the décor theme of the room.

Extra features.

Table storage coffee table

Lastly, you need to consider whether extra features are desired or not. For instance, coffee tables can be used as to display collectibles, study desk and even store books, magazines and other things.