How To Choose The Right Bathtub For You

The tub is a vital part of most bathrooms. Although some give up the comfort offered by tubs in exchange for the more space-efficient shower units, this choice is rarely determined by preference alone without taking into consideration the space constraints. This being said, it’s highly likely for you to want to include a tub in your bathroom and the only remaining question is the type of tub you’ll be choosing. To help with the decision-making process, we’ve prepared a few useful tips.

Measure the space.

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Before even starting looking at designs and styles, you need to measure the space available in your bathroom and decide how large the tub can be for the room to remain harmonious and practical. Even if you have a small bathroom you can still opt for a tub. Take a look at the deep-soaking Japanese tubs which occupy little floor space and are incredible relaxing.

Choose the right material.

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You should also decide what material you’d like for your bathtub. They come in a variety of options. Most tubs are made of acrylic of fiberglass but you can also opt for a cast iron tub for example if you prefer the industrial look, for a steel tub or for a wooden tub.

Pick a style or a type.

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There are several main type of bathtubs. You should take a look at some examples pertaining to each category and only then decide which one is right for you or which would look best in your bathroom. Freestanding tubs are very appreciated for their elegance and versatility but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Set a budget.

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Of course, you must also set a budget. This helps you limit your choices to only the tubs you can afford. Freestanding and sunken tubs are usually more expensive than drop-in tubs for example. Take into consideration the cost of installation as well.

Place the tub in a corner.

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This is not possible with all types of tubs. However, it’s a great idea to place the tub in a corner if, for example, you get to take advantage of the views or if the layout allows it without making it look like you’re wasting space.

Place the tub by the window.

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Bathrooms with large windows or with glass walls offer you the chance to admire the wonderful views while relaxing in the tub. For that to happen, you need to strategically place your tub in front of the window or in such a way that you can look outside comfortably.

A built-in corner.

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To make the placement of the tub in the corner look less awkward and forced, especially if the tub doesn’t have a triangular shape for example, try a built-in design to add cohesiveness to the the whole setting.

A simple and stylish combo.

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When choosing the tub and its placement you also need to take into consideration a series of smaller details such as the contrasts you can create, the colors you can combine, mix and match, the patterns you can use in your design, etc.

Place the tub in the center.

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Despite the usual approach where the tub is placed either in a corner or flush with one of the walls, you can choose to make it the main element in your bathroom by placing it in the center. This is usually a strategy that works in the case of spacious bathrooms.

Build an alcove.

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To increase your comfort and to also add visual interest to a regular tub, you can build an alcove around it. You can also include the window in your design or build an arch, maybe even add a fireplace. Use materials such as stone and wood to add a rustic look.