How To Choose The Perfect Wine Rack?

One of the reasons why wine racks are so appreciated is because of their function. Primarily, they provide us with a way of organizing and storing wine bottles but they also serve as stylish accent features for the interior design. Find the perfect balance between function and style and discover the design that defines your home.

Basement wine cellar

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Go for something big an impressive and transform your basement into a gorgeous wine cellar. A modern design with a light, transparent look would work best in this case. Perhaps you can also have a bar. Use wood to give the space a more authentic feel.

Under the stairs

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If you don’t have the commodity of transforming an entire room into a cellar, then use the space you do have, like the area under the staircase. Usually unoccupied, this space could be the answer for your problem.

Kitchen partition

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A spacious kitchen can be the perfect place where you can store your wine. Find a way to integrate the wine racks into the décor without disturbing the harmony, like this glass partition for example with built-in appliances.

Built-in wine cooler

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If you’re opting for a wine cooler, then you have the perfect opportunity to include it in your kitchen. Match it with your other built-in appliances and it will become a natural part of the overall décor.

Wine holes

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Looking for something a little more interesting and unusual. Well, if you have a wine cellar, perhaps in your basement, give it an authentic look by using materials such as stone. Create a wall with built-in holes in which to store the individual bottles and arrange a tasting area sharing the same type of design.

Kitchen island storage

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One of the most common and practical things to do is to have a built-in wine rack into the kitchen island. It takes little space and it could occupy one side of the island. And if you’re also using it as a bar, the combination is simply perfect.

Wall-mounted racks

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To save space on the floor or counter, you can mount the wine racks on the wall. Use a wall which normally remains unused like the one adjacent to the staircase or on the hallway. The collection will also become a great piece of wall art.

Wall dividers

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Can’t find a way to integrate your collection of wine bottles into the existing décor or perhaps you’re looking for a more interesting way to display them. Try a wall divider. It’s like having a small version of a wine cellar which you can place anywhere you want, like between the living area and the dining room.

Above the fridge

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The space above the refrigerator is rarely used and that’s a shame because it’s wasted space. So put it to good use with some built-in wine racks. You’ll have to stretch out a little bit to reach them but at least up there they stand out.