How To Choose The Color Scheme For A Loft

The process of decorating a space is closely related to a series of factors. For example, the type of space and the layout will often dictate the décor. Moreover, the function of a particular space also has to do with the colors and with the style you choose for the décor. In the case of a loft, since the space is usually open and spacious, there are several options to take into consideration. We have prepared a few tips to help you decide which colors you should use.

Match the color scheme with the style.

shift architecure designed a loft
shift architecure designed a loft under stairs

Before you get to pick the colors you want to use for your loft you also have to think of the style you wish to adopt. Certain styles are defined by certain combinations of colors. For example, a classical décor is usually one composed of black and white features. A traditional interior usually features earthy shades and neutrals. A modern or a contemporary space can be either very simple and neutral or bold and dynamic.

Make sure you create a cohesive décor.

Manhattan Loft interior design
Manhattan Loft interior design1

Even though each space has a different function and a different layout and size, this requiring you to choose certain colors and combinations of colors for each of these spaces, you also have to take into consideration the fact that the whole loft has to look a cohesive and harmonious space. So make sure the colors match or at least complement each other so that the overall décor looks like a harmonious composition.

Keep colors to a minimum.

Loft with unfinished concrete walls

It’s important that when you decide on a style and a color scheme you don’t exaggerate with the number of colors you use. You can create a dynamic and vibrant décor without using too many colors. It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create. If you want to create bold focal points you can use neon colors or vibrant shades. Of course, you don’t have to use only one color because the décor will become monotonous but you should limit yourself to two or three colors.

Play with contrasts and colors that complement each other.

Jay Street Loft Colorful Glasses
Jay Street Loft

It’s important for the décor to feel harmonious and for the décor to be cohesive. For that you should focus on using colors that complement each other. You can use both neutral and bold colors but you have to make sure they don’t clash. It’s good to use complementary colors in a décor but there should also be contrast and it’s usually created with the help of accent features and focal points.

Don’t forget to have fun.


Decorating a loft is not easy and requires a lot of concentration and work. Still, don’t let this process become a burden. You should also have fun while decorating and this should be a pleasant process. Don’t let it become stressful. Be creative and let your senses guide you.