Choosing The Right TV For Your Living Room

So you’ve decided you need a new TV in your living room. It’s about time…But do you know how to choose the right one for you? Knowing how to select the right specs is not enough if you end with a TV that’s too big for your living room or one that simply doesn’t fit in the décor. So what else is there to know other than picture quality?

What’s your viewing distance?

Before and after tv wall

The viewing distance is basically the distance between the TV and the spot where you’ll be sitting when watching television in general. Usually, this distance should be three times the TV’s diagonal screen size. Sure, today’s TVs offer better picture quality than the older models but you still need to maintain a certain distance so your eyes don’t hurt.

Determining the right size.

Before and after tv wall

After calculating your viewing distance, determining the right size the TV should have is easy. Determine the minimum and the maximum dimensions and search for something within those parameters. The minimum TV dimensions should be one third of the optimal viewing distance and the maximum should be the viewing distance / 1.5.

When is big too big?

Before and after tv wall

It’s natural for us to be instantly drawn to the biggest TV screens we find in a store but try to keep yourself from overdoing it. It’s ok to go big as long as it allows you to maintain the right viewing distance. In the living room it’s actually better to go with something on the larger size since you’ll want to watch some movies with your friends here but keep in mind that a TV that’s obviously too big for your room won’t do you any good.

Consider your lifestyle.

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Your lifestyle should be the element that defines the size your TV. For example, if you’re the type that likes to have friends over every week to watch movies, then you should definitely get a bigger TV for a more cinematic experience. If, on the other hand, you’re only using the TV from time to time, to watch a show or something else, there’s no point in getting the bigegst TV screen you can afford.

Place it at the right height.

Before and after tv wall

Once you’ve finally decided on the right size for your TV it’s time to position it in the room. If you decide to have a wall-mounted TV then you get to choose the exact height at which to place it. First, pick your favorite spot from where you’ll be watching TV. The center of the TV should be aligned with your line of vision.

Pick the right angle.

Before and after tv wall

In the living room, choosing the right angle for the TV screen can be difficult. Ideally, you should be able to adjust it whenever needed. The TV should be directly facing the area from which you’ll be watching it. If, for example, there are two or more spots from where you and your guests will be watching TV, try to compromise between them.