How To Choose The Furniture For Your Guest Room

If you enjoy being a good host and making your guests feel welcome in your home, then you’re probably also excited about decorating your guest room. We find guest rooms to be very interesting because they’re a great way in which you can show how much you care about your guests but, at the same time, allow you to do that through a simple design.

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The first rule you need to remember when organizing and designing a guest room is not to overdecorate. Just because you like some things and that is your home doesn’t mean your guests will share the same feelings.

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Keep the color palette neutral and simple and avoid strong, bold tones such as red, orange, yellow or green. Not everyone likes the same colors so it’s best to keep things neutral. In addition, it’s easier to decorate with neutral colors given how versatile they are.{found on janhoch}.

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In a guest room, you should include the essentials. For example, a comfortable bed in a really important element. Decide whether you want to include a king size bed or two single one, depending on the guests that usually stay over.

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A chest of drawer can also be useful in the guest room, if the guests stay over for several days. They’ll need something to keep their belongings in and the top surface is useful for personal items such as the toothbrush, phone, etc.

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You should also include a comfy chair. If not, your guests will be always forced to stay in bed which is not always the optimal choice. And, for example, if they also need to work on their laptops, you might also want to include a small desk.

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Other elements can also be included in the room such as a mirror for example. This way you give your guests the opportunity to get ready in the morning without having to use the mirror in the bathroom or on the hallway.

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Make sure the lighting is pleasant in the room. You may want to install a dimmer switch for this room and some task lighting such as a table lamp for example.{found on priscillafenlin}.

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Don’t make the décor too person. There shouldn’t be personal photos in the guest room and, if you want to display something on the walls, choose an abstract painting or something similar.{found on andreamayinteriors}.