How To Choose Modern Furniture For Small Spaces

As the size of a home gets smaller and smaller, it seems logical for the comfort to decrease as well, right? Well, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, smaller houses are often considered to be cozier and more welcoming. But what about the design and décor? Surely, a small place must be easier to decorate than a large one. That’s false too. Because of the limited space, clever solutions need to be found when choosing the furniture.

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Consider raising the bed off the floor to make more room. A loft bed lets you double the usable space. Underneath you can have a practical storage unit or you can place a sofa for example.

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Modular furniture is also amazing for small spaces. We’re talking about those pieces that can be taken apart and reassembled in a variety of ways. They change form and function and can serve a variety of purposes.

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And there are also those clever storage solutions like drawers under the bed or sofa and open shelves that allow the room to look spacious while providing plenty of space for everything.

Custom saving space bedView in gallery

Custom designs are usually a great answer for the space-related problem. For example, you can have a custom-designed bed with a pull-out mattress that basically lets you transform it from a single to a double bed. The clever headboard also doubles as a desk.

Knife storage designView in gallery

For the kitchen, try vertical storage. Don’t waste space on the counter with knife racks. A pull-out design like this one lets you safely store them and hide them.

Stack them chairsView in gallery

How cool is this design? Four comfortable chairs and a table can be put together like pieces of a puzzle and they all fit in a compact unit that resembles a rocket.

Round bed turned into sofaView in gallery

This round bed is made of two identical pieces. They can be used individually as sofas or put together to form a stylish bed. Simple yet so amazing.

Round dining table with chairs space saving ideaView in gallery

You don’t need a very large kitchen to be able to include a cozy dining area or breakfast nook. You just need the right furniture, like this round table and these four chairs that perfectly fit underneath.

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Ever felt like you could use a bigger coffee table but you don’t have the space for one? Well how about this one? Four extensible pieces let you add practical space to the coffee table and even use it a four-person dining table where each of you has their own little space.

Saving space kitchen island conceptView in gallery

Usually the kitchen island can also be used as a bar as long as the sink or the hot plate are not part of its design. But what if they were? This kitchen island has it all, including a counter that can slide outwards to become a bar.

Space saving modular furnitureView in gallery

One minute it’s a couch, the nest it’s a dining table. A very simple and modular piece of furniture. Just remove the cushions which, by the way can also be used as chairs and there you have it: a perfectly functional dining table for four.

Office ingenious desk ideaView in gallery

Space-saving furniture can come in a variety of designs and styles, like this desk for example. Whenever you need more space for your documents, just look in front of you.

Wall pocketView in gallery

Perfect for tiny spaces, this storage pouch has a simple and attractive design. Mount on the wall and only reveal the pouch inside when you need it.