5 DIY Home Improvement Projects For The Bedroom

While it’s true that the bedroom should be simple, serene and relaxing, this doesn’t mean it has to look boring. No matter how carefully and well you choose your bedroom furniture and accessories, they will start to look boring at some point. Then it’s time for a DIY project.

Dresser makeover.

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Give your plain old dresser a makeover and make it look beautiful and fresh once again. This is a project that uses chalk paint. Here’s how you do it: first wipe down the dresser to remove any dirt or sticky residue. Then apply the first coat of paint. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes and then apply a second coat. Let it dry and, at the end, apply wax.{found on createcrafts}.

Laminate and veneer furniture makeover.

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If you want to paint laminate or veneer, then you have to be extra careful because one wrong step can mean the paint will scratch right off. First you have to remove the hardware and lightly sand down the surface. Wipe down the piece you’re planning to paint and then apply 2 coats of primer. Let the primer dry for 7 days before putting on the paint. Then lightly sand down the primer, wipe it and spray paint the piece. Apply 3 coats and let it dry for a few more days. After that, seal it.{found on honeybearlane}.

A complete makeover.

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If you want the bedroom to look fresh and new again, you’ll need more than just a coat of paint on your old dresser. Take this bedroom for example. A lot of changes were made. The wallpaper behind the headboard got this lovely trellis pattern which was hand painted using a stencil, the windows got new linen curtains and the side table was replaced with a bookcase which offers more storage space.{found on centsationalgirl}.

DIY bed.

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As soon as you replace the bed with a new one, the whole room looks different. But don’t simply assume you’ll have to go buy a new bed. You could make one yourself using wooden pallets. Come up with a design, stack them, paint them if you want and secure them together. You can even have built-in nightstands.

DIY headboard.

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You can also make your own headboard. If you want something with a rustic touch, then use reclaimed wood. Stain the wood, cut the pieces to size and use screws to put the whole thing together. It’s actually really easy.{found on jennyhighsmith}.