How to choose Curtain Poles

Selecting the ideal curtains for a room can take a lot of time and once you’ve finally decided on a design you think it’s over. Well, it’s not because you also need to select the curtain poles. It’s best to do this before choosing the curtains, find out more useful tips in the following examples.

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Selecting a material.

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First of all, decide what material you want for the curtain poles. Wood and metal and two obvious options. Wood poles give the room a rich and elegant look while the metal ones are not as generous but definitely look great in modern or industrial decors.

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Bamboo curtain rods are a very interesting option. They’re perfect for a tropical décor.

The finials.

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Curtain rods also need finials and this is where choosing a design can be difficult. There are many different shapes to choose from. Some even feature combinations of materials, glass and mirror components and a variety of ornaments.

The finish and color

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You can also base your choice on the type of finish or color you prefer for the poles. For example, polished nickel or chrome rods can look really interesting but if you prefer something less striking try dark wood.


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Instead of the usual curtain poles you can try something different. For example, use tree branches. They’ll serve both as rods and as decorative elements for the room. You can spray paint them or let them show their natural color.