How to Choose Commercial Bar Stools & Chairs

Choosing chairs or stools for an entire bar is not the same thing as buying a few for your kitchen or basement. You have to think big and to take into consideration a whole new range of elements and details. For example:

How many do you need?

Rustic bar stools leather design on top

First you need to measure the space and then figure out how many tables or bars you can fit in there. After that, calculate how make chairs you’ll need. Always buy extras. Also, keep in mind that people need their privacy and room to move so take this into consideration when you measure the space.

Pick a model.

Rustic bar stools leather design on top

Even if you’ve come up with a number, don’t think things can’t change. You also need to choose a model/ design for the chairs/ stools. Then, once again, measure the model and calculate how many will fit in the space and around the tables. Usually the number differ.

Pick a style.

Rustic bar stools leather design on top

Depending on the type of space you plan on decorating, you’ll also have to decide on a style. Usually, leather seats are used in lounges and high chairs or bar stools are used in pubs. This also depends on the style you’ve chosen for the interior design.

Recycle what you can.

Rustic bar stools leather design on top

Let’s say you decide to remodel a bar. There’s no reason to change the specific of the place unless the initial one was really bad. So recycle the chairs and stools you already have and maybe add some new ones. You can create an eclectic design.