How To Find The Right Spot For The Washing Machine

Large appliances such as the washing machine need to have their own designated space. You can’t move them around from one spot to another because it’s simply not practical. There are numerous popular ideas regarding the room the washing machine should be placed in and how it should be incorporated into the overall design.

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Obviously, the laundry room should be anyone’s first choice if this room exists in the home. One option can be to have both the washer and the dryer fit into a wall niche and use the area above them for storage.

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Or they can both be incorporated into a wall unit. In this case, there’s storage space both above and under the washing machine. And since it doesn’t sit on the floor, this type of arrangement also makes it more comfortable to use the washing machine.

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The washing machine is not always something you want exposed for everyone to see, in which case it would be better if it stayed hidden behind pocked doors inside a cabinet. In this case, the washing machine would contrast with the traditional décor, one more reason to hide it.

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Another common solution is to have the washing machine placed in the kitchen. Usually, it fits under the counter but, in this case, the washer and the drier were placed one on top of the other in a corner nook. Although it’s unclear how the bottom one can be functional when it appears to be blocked by the counter, the idea could be adapted for small spaces.

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A much more practical solution could be to have the washer and dryer hidden inside the kitchen island. It would be a perfect disguise, although finding a way to connect the washing machine to a water supply without making it look ugly might be a challenge.

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If there’s enough space in the bathroom for the washing machine, then put it there. Maybe it could fit inside a closet if you don’t want it exposed. You could have a closet designed just for that and fill it with cleaning products, laundry hampers and other things.

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And if there’s no room for the washing machine in the bathroom or the kitchen, then maybe it could stay in the mudroom or on the entry hall. This gives you the option of tossing dirty clothes in the washing machine as soon as you enter the house.

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Of course, a laundry closet could be incorporated in pretty much any room of the house. It can even be a part of the living room. After all, there’ no way to tell what’s inside when the doors as closed.