How to Choose a TV Stand

Every home has at least one TV, usually found in the living room. As it turns out, finding a good TV stand that’s sturdy and good-looking is as difficult as finding a good TV at a decent price. We’ll make your search for the perfect TV stand a little bit easier by offering you a few pointers and ideas.

A TV stand with storage.

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It’s ideal for a TV stand to also include storage. You’ll at least one shelf where you can place the DVD player, recorder and stuff like that but it doesn’t hurt to also have space for other things, not necessarily TV-related. {found on 1 and 2}.

Recycled/ DIY.

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It’s usually best to have the TV stand custom made so it matches your preferences and storage needs exactly. It’s even better if you build it yourself. Consider recycling and using things like wooden crates to build a TV stand.{found on muotoseuraafunktiota}.

TV stands on wheels.

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A TV stand that sits on wheels is very practical because you can adjust its position according to where you’re standing. If you want the TV closer to you, just roll it in place.

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You can make one of these yourself using reclaimed wood or a pallet and some hardware to match the style you prefer.

A pipe stand.

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And speaking of recycled materials and DIY designs, how about this TV stand? It has a beautiful industrial design and it’s made of metal pipes and wooden shelves.Very simple, easy to build and quite the charmer too.

Hidden storage.

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Not everyone likes their stuff to be exposed on open shelves. In that case, there are lots of beautiful TV stand designs with hidden storage. They look simple and compact, suitable for contemporary homes.

TV cabinet.

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Instead of a TV stand, maybe you’ll like it better if you had a TV cabinet or a wall unit. This one has a symmetrical design centered around the TV, with shelves and drawers surrounding it on all sides.

Geometric shapes.

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Not a fan of traditional designs and symmetry? Then try something with an interesting geometric shape. This one has a zig zag design which makes it look unique but remains simple.


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Take matters into your own hands. Replace your old TV stand with something a little more practical and stylish, like a set of open shelves forming an entertainment center.