How To Choose The Right Lampshade

Decorating with lamps is so easy and natural you don’t even think about it that much. The most important element is the lampshade and you have to pay attention to several factors when you’re choosing the design you want for your home. A series of elements including shape, size and color need to be taken into consideration along with a few other details.

Measure the height of the lamp.

Table lamp unique design

In order to get the right lampshade, you need to first measure your lamp. Find out the height and then calculate the dimensions the lampshade should have. As a general rule, the shade should cover one third to one half of the total height of the lamp. You want it to properly shield the light bulb and the mechanism.

Measure the width.

Table lamp unique design

You also have to measure the width of the lamp. The lampshade, at its widest point, should be 1” bigger than the widest point of the lamp. Of course, if you want a lampshade that makes a statement and has an unusual design, you can be a little more flexible.

Choose the location.

Table lamp unique design

It’s important to know exactly where you’ll be placing the lamp before you choose the lampshade. This will help you decide on the right size. You wouldn’t want the lampshade to crash into your furniture for example. The location can also help you decide on a shape or color.

Choose the shape.

Table lamp unique design

There are several options in this case. You can either get a lampshade that matches the base of the lamp in terms of shape, one that matches other elements in the room’s décor or one that contrasts with the lamp itself. Lampshades come in all sorts of shapes so pick carefully.

Decide on a color.

Table lamp unique design

Depending on what you’re using the lamp for, you can either choose a lampshade that’s translucent and has a light color if, for example, you need it for your reading corner, or one that’s opaque and has a dark color if you need it for ambient lighting. There’s also the option to get a lampshade in a bold and vibrant color if you think the room could use a splash of color or if you want it to match some of your other accessories.

Safety first.

Table lamp unique design

Before you get ahead of yourself and fall in love with a lampshade, you have to make sure it’s safe first. Pay attention to the distance from the light bulb or see if this distance can be adjusted just in case.{found on etsy}.