How to Choose a Carpet for Living Room

A carpet in the living room has got volumes to speak on your personality, style and taste. To bring an air of welcome into the room, the choice of the right carpet becomes a must.

How to choose a carpet for living room

Before purchasing a carpet, the following factors are to be considered:

For a family with either a pet or a toddler, purchasing a costly carpet makes no sense as it must be able to sustain the regular trampling. Again, living rooms with more traffic on it should be fitted with a durable carpet.  If you have a budget limitation, you must shop around to research different styles of carpet to ensure you get one to withstand the wear and tear within your price range.

Before choosing your new carpet, one thing important to consider is whether or not the new one complement your other décor? In a room already fitted with furniture, the choice of the carpet should be in tune with the rest of the room. On the other hand, in a remodeled house with new set of furniture, you can get a wide array of colors and designs to start from.

How to choose a carpet for living room

The amount of light your living room receives should act as a yardstick for choosing the color of your carpet. If the room is well lit, then you may go for darker shades. To attain a calm and modern look, colours which are beside each other in the colour wheel may prove to complimentary to one another.

How to choose a carpet for living room

To get an idea of the type of carpets you are looking for, go online to get free sample cuttings  from carpet websites.

If you have a small room, can make it look bigger with your choice of interior design and one method is to go for lighter shades of carpet. The use of dark colors can give a warm and cozy feeling in cooler climate.

How to choose a carpet for living room

Stains on single colored carpets speak aloud.  In order to reduce this risk, patterned carpets or ones with multiple colours can help to conceal any unwanted marks or stains.

Types of Carpets:

Woven Carpets: These carpets are woven in big looms like many other fabrics. They come in various patterns and designs and tend to be more expensive.

Looped pile: These are commonly used and are perhaps best known for their durability. They are made of yarn that is looped, and the density of the pile speaks of the quality.

Cut Pile: In this type the pile is created by cutting the loop tops, giving a more refreshing look to the carpet than the looped ones.