How To Change The Décor Of Your Bathroom With A Simple DIY Shower Curtain – 15 Ideas

Shower curtains are very important in a bathroom’s décor. They are often the element that adds color to this space. a colorful shower curtain sheers up the atmosphere and gives you a refreshing and beautiful start in the morning. The curtain is also an opportunity for you to create a theme in the bathroom. And the best thing about it is that you can make it yourself.

Hanging from rods

Here’s how you make a simple shower curtain with a twist: choose a main color and then a multi-colored piece of fabric which you cut into stripes and sew together to make the top and bottom details.{found on modabakeshop}.

Easy Shower Curtain1

Another way of decorating a shower curtain is with polka dots. If you have a simple curtain you can just sew on a few colorful round pieces which you cut into shape using a plate.{found on theribbonretreat}.

Stencil curtain

With a nice stencil you can easily give a shower curtain a makeover. Pick a color that goes well with the curtain, place the stencil, paint and let it dry.{found on designedbychance}.

Ombre shower curtain

You could also pick a more complex and eye-catching design. For example, you can use ruffles. Pick fabric in several different colors and arrange them according to intensity and shade. You can also paint the fabric yourself.{found on itstaylormade}.

Modern striped curtain

Of course, stripes are probably the easier thing to do. Also, the black and white combination is timeless and classic so why not combine the two ideas to make a chic shower curtain?{found on theharpsterhome}.

Shower curtain 009

The color of the stripes can also match the rest of your bathroom’s décor. For example, you can have white and green stripes on the curtain combined with white walls and a green mat or area rug.{found on site}.

Chevron curtain shower

Another easy to do design involves chevron stripes. They’re easy to make because all you need is some tape and paint. Use them to create the pattern and then paint the spaces leaving an empty line in between them.{found on site}.

StenciledShowerCurtain 640x717

Stencils also make things a lot easier. You can even paint the entire curtain using a stencil. You either need a large stencil or a small one which you move from place to place.{found on sasinteriors}.


This is another curtain which got a makeover using stencil art. In this case, the color of the curtain and that of the stencil are quite similar and thus the décor is simple, elegant and less striking.{found on refreshrestyle}.

Colorblocked bathroom mld108408 vert

Stripes don’t necessarily mean that you need to have more than three. For example, this beautiful shower curtain features three different colors and they look amazing in this combination and in these amounts.{found on martha}.

Shower Curtain With Pleated Accents

If you want to add a few ruffles to your shower curtain but don’t want them to take over the whole design, you can just sew a few one at the bottom. Three of four rows should be enough.{found on addicted2decorating}.

Showercurtain makeit1

You know when you were in school and you learned how to sew. All you did were simple geometric forms and lines. Well, you can put that knowledge to good use by creating a unique design for your shower curtain.{found on designlovefest}.

Colorful fun shower curtain 768x1024

If you can’t decide on a single pattern, color or fabric or if you simply have a bunch of leftover pieces of materials and want to get rid of them, a shower curtain like this one can be the answer to all your problems.{found on site}.

Shower curtain

If you decide to sew something onto the curtain to make it look a little more interesting, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something crazy. Sometimes even a simple adjustment can make a big difference.{found on thewickerhouse}.

Sailcloth Shower Curtain1

How about you sew a number onto your curtain? Let’s say it’s 42. Print out the numbers, trace them onto the fabric, cut out the numbers, pin them onto the curtain and sew them on.{found on thistlewoodfarms}.