How to Build a Modern Platform Bed Yourself ( Video )

In the last years, “Do-It-Yourself” programs have become more and more popular. Why? Because people have realized that it is way cheaper, and more useful, to learn to make on their own what they were in need of.

There are some important advantages in making on your own what you are in need of. First of all, you will save a lot of money as you will cut off the price for the labor and the VAT taxes, and also, at the end, you will be proud to say that what you’ve built is just your opera.

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For those who are looking forward to start making on their own stuff, we strongly recommend to start with something simple like a modern platform bed. It is quite simple to make and it won’t take too much time. In fact, you can build a modern platform bed on yourself in no more than one noon.

In order to start making this platform, you need to have these materials: three 4 foot by 8 foot pieces of 3/4 inch thick plywood, about 12 pieces of 2 inch by 10 inch planks, planks that are 8 feet long and 8 L-shaped metal brackets with a size of 3 inches long. Also, a set of 3 inch screw drivers are indicated.

Now if you have the above materials, you can start making yourself the platform of the bed. The first step is related to the creation of the platform itself. Use the 10 inch planks for that, and of course the screws. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to know exactly what size you are making the bed. Otherwise, the elements won’t fit or won’t be enough.

Next, put a piece of plywood on the top of the platform. If it doesn’t suit, make place for it with the screws. If there still remains space, and it should remain, put another piece of plywood, in order to fill the empty space.

The next step is related to constructing the superior part of the platform. Using the same techniques as for the first step, repeat the actions. You should be careful though, cause the size will be a bit different, though, once you know exactly what you have to do, you will figure out easily.

After you have completed this step, you can tell everyone that you have made a bed all on yourself. And if you have made it, then everyone can make it. Therefore, why would anyone spend fortunes on simple pieces of furniture when they can be constructed at home as well, but much cheaper?